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Diabolical Trifecta
September 19, 2016|Mercurial edition

Diabolical Trifecta

diabolical trifecta

A narcissist, sociopath and psychopath walk into a pub.

The narcissist is off on a tangent about how someone they’re in a relationship with decides to discuss their feelings:

“…and she dares, complains! Why should the narcissist notice your discomfort? It is our job to remind you of how unworthy you are, how inconsiderate it is when you stop thinking of our own discomfort to raise your own. How inconvenient. If I stopped to listen to her concerns, where would that leave me? Me, me, me! I’m losing my edge, and we’re aiming for toxic…
Guys! Are you paying attention?
Man, why do I even bother?
God! Are you listening?!”

The sociopath responds with due diligence:

“Hm? Yes! Oh, please– by all means, continue. I have an hour to kill and your need for self-validation fascinates me. What do you think, Psycho?”

The psychopath politely offers her services:

“Toxic? An hour to kill? I have a solution for the both of you. It’s odourless and tasteless. Works wonders! Would you like to try?”









Disclaimer: This synopsis is for entertainment purposes only. There are countless articles that debate the differences and similarities between narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths. This little entry is not an attempt to define, or rival any existing definitions. The “extremes” of either label are added for humorous effect. Gender specification is unintentional. If any of this resonates with you: Shit…well, *pats you on the shoulder*.

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