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Existential Punctuation
June 8, 2016|Poetry

Existential Punctuation

Existential Punctuation

I woke up this morning feeling like a period,
like something you had pressed pause on.
It was an intense moment of awakening
in my rather menial existence.

Ha! “What say you?”

For all intents and purposes,
it has been argued rather frivolously
between friend and enemy
how intense an individual I can be.

Rest assured then,
to uphold the imposed cliché:
It was an explosive minute, I’d say.

I pinched and squirmed, stretched and churned
to straighten every frazzle of each frizzle.
I sprung out of child’s pose
where your apathy distilled upon me
a reminder of how opposing and limbic I can be.

I aspire to be an asterisk
since the periods you push on me
keep multiplying rather recklessly
and I am not known to walk a straight line–
besides, you already know how to draw them just fine.

I can not mimic the expected
and to expect that I’d agree to call that mine?

I aspire to be an asterisk
because one too many pauses in my breath
have made me shrivel in painful, creative death.

Layers of fruitless expectation and these walls
have caused a ripple effect
to which I attest is my latest defect!

I couldn’t be a period,
far too stubborn in its end
and dashes seem to interrupt
what ellipses fail to extend.

Commas and English politics!
Semicolons- depressive antics!

Colons reveal the obvious:
Punctuation, you frustrate
but asterisk, I’ll be your mate.

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